Via Tranquila

Via Tranquila, the house on the hill.

If you go up Penacook Street in Concord, NH, you will find to your right a small road called Via Tranquila. If you drive down to the end of the road, you come to what looks like a red farm-house with an aluminum gate barricading any entrance to the property. This house, the Concordians refer to as Via Tranquila.

The story behind Via Tranquila, was that in the 1800s, it was a schoolhouse. The headmaster of the school lived upstairs, in the attic of the schoolhouse. One day, he became crazed and in all of his rage, shot all the children and then himself with a shotgun. In more recent years, two lawyers were looking at the property as a potential law office. They ended up purchasing Via Tranquila. Then one day, a mad man came to property and murdered both lawyers.

The house have been boarded up and has surveillance cameras guarding the property, but nobody ever appears to live at this mysterious house.

The windows have been boarded up

I have been to Via Tranquila many times and it seems like every time I visit, I have more and more experiences with the spirits who inhabit the property. One of the first times I went there, I saw a man peering outside the upstairs window. When I looked again, he was gone. I’ve seen big blue colored orbs right outside of my parked car, my psychic friend told me that it was the children from the school, my car was sitting where they played.

Recently, I went ghost hunting with my friend, Scott. And here are the pictures from that experience.

The street light is reflecting off the window of the upstairs room

This is an angled view to get an image more clearly

These are two different shots of the attic window, where the head master supposedly lived. I felt that I needed to take two pictures because the reflection of the street light could possibly create false  shapes and images. Even though the second shot is angled so that the least amount of reflective light is seen, there still appears to be something behind the window.

There appears to be four orbs on the roof of the building

The spirit seems to be following us, as all you see in the shot is one smaller orb in front of the building.

This is the porch of the schoolhouse. Notice that there is one small orb towards the floor.

As we were taking pictures, Scott and I heard something in the woods surrounding Via Tranquila. It sounded like footsteps walking towards us through the woods. Terrified, we ran to the car. I always keep my car facing the road, in case I have to, I can make a quick getaway. Scott took pictures behind us while we were running. This is what we came up with.

There's something in the upper right corner of the picture. It's not an orb though.

The camera is tilted, you can see the boarded up windows on the schoolhouse, not far behind us is an orb.

The locked gate to Via Tranquila

This is probably the road, but it looks pretty.


~ by vodouchica on January 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “Via Tranquila”

  1. This is a very nice blog. I enjoyed your ghost hunting story. I too have ghost stories that actually happened to me. One is a story only, but the second is a story with pictures. The pictures kill! Anyway, I’m subscribing to your blog. It is great and I love your poetry. Oz—

  2. Your ghost hunting trip inspired me to share my own ghost tale and pictures from January 30, 1983! I mentioned your blog just before I started with the story. I think you’ll like what I did for you, plus…you’ve got to see the pictures at the end of the story. They are wicked cool! Thanks again for the inspiration! And continued best wishes! Oz—

  3. Have you dug up any info as to who the owner may be? I’d love to do an official investigation of the place.

  4. My ex-husband grew up in concord and would tell me the story of the schoolhouse when we would drive by the road. He also told me that if the car is in neutral on the hill there, that it would roll up hill. I never went to try this, but he said he did it many times as a teenager.

  5. I’d like to go but get permission so I don’t get in trouble lol. Did you have to call anyone

  6. I caught something last night it was awesome probably my 23 time going there.

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